2020 Conference Postponed

Dear Space Betweeners,

Given the rapid progression of COVID-19 nationally and internationally and the travel and work complications that have arisen for many, the Space Between conference committee has decided that we are going to postpone our annual conference scheduled for June 2020 to June 2021. We have not come to this decision lightly, knowing that many of you had already planned on the trip to UVa. But given the travel restrictions, loss of institutional funds for travel, and UVa’s own policies regarding COVID-19, we think this is the best decision.

Carmenita has gracefully offered to host the Space Between conference on race next June in place of this year’s conference. We do not yet have dates scheduled, but once we do, we will let you know. Regarding the potential June 2021 conference, if you had a paper accepted to this year’s conference you will automatically be accepted next year. Please know that your conference registration fees will carry over. As I mentioned above, we are still figuring out the details of the postponed conference, so please refrain from letting us know if you can or cannot attend until we have settled on new dates. If, at that point, you cannot attend, we will gladly refund your conference registration (and membership) fees. We anticipate that we will have these details for you in the coming weeks.
We are very grateful for your support of the Space Between and we hope to see you all in June 2021. Until then, please stay safe and healthy and let Melissa Dinsman (mdinsman@york.cuny.edu) or Erika Doss (edoss@nd.edu) know if you have any questions.
Wishing you all the best,

Melissa Dinsman, Co-President of The Space Between Society
Erika Doss, Co-President of The Space Between Society
Carmenita Higginbotham, Advisory Board Member
Aimee Wilson, Advisory Board Member