Annual Conference 2017

The 19th Space Between Annual Conference will be on ‘Memory and Prophecy in the Space Between, 1914-1945’, and will be held on 25 to 27 May 2017 in Oxford, Mississippi, at the University of Mississippi. The Call for Papers can be downloaded here: sb-2017-flyer

Seen from a distance of several decades, the years 1914-1945 appear dense with both endings and beginnings. What did the past and the future promise at this claustrophobic historical moment? If occupants of the ‘Space Between’ often understood their position as one between cataclysms, the first realized and the other potential, they also understood themselves as situated in a series of much longer historical trajectories. From cenotaphs and memoirs to manifestos and utopias, the matter of memory and prophecy was in constant circulation, as collectives and individuals struggled to articulate usable versions of the past and the future.

In recognition of this year’s theme, we have invited Charles Tung, of Seattle University, to present our keynote talk. Charles’ work focuses on temporality and time travel in modernism and in genre fiction of the twentieth century; you can read his essay ‘Baddest Modernism: the Scales and Lines of Inhuman Time’ in Modernism/modernity 23.3 (2016) and his essay ‘Modernism, Time Machines, and the Defamiliarization of Time’ in Configurations 23.1 (2015). We’re thrilled to have Charles present his exciting work at the conference this year.

Our other headlining event is a plenary panel featuring three scholars local to the US South, who will consider how the timeliness of modernity relates to the spaces and places in which it unfolds. ‘Modernity beyond the Metropolis’ will feature papers by Jennifer Fay (Director of Cinema and Media Arts and Associate Professor of Cinema and English at Vanderbilt University), Jay Watson (Howry Professor of Faulkner Studies at the University of Mississippi), and Monika Bhagat-Kennedy (Assistant Professor of Global Anglophone literatures at the University of Mississippi). Their papers promise to range across time, space, and medium as they map wartime and interwar modernity.

There will be other exciting activities: a series of Pedagogy and Professionalization sessions which will cover interactive teaching strategies, Digital Humanities tools, and mentoring techniques; a guided tour of Oxford as seen through the lens of William Faulkner’s fiction (led by Jay Watson); and a blues and civil rights tour of the Mississippi Delta the day before the official conference begins.

We are looking forward to sharing these exciting events with all the conference participants! Local community members should feel free to come to the keynote and plenary panel and to any conference panels that appeal to them. Watch this space for a detailed conference program in the coming weeks.

In advance of the conference, The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945 is publishing special conference features, including highlighted abstracts, a ‘what to read’ curated by the conference organizer, and an interview with keynote speaker Charles Tung.  Check out the journal’s website here: